Jay has been practicing law for over 30 years and has never lost a divorce case or custody dispute. One of the reasons is that he will often retain a forensic accountant to testify as an expert on complex financial issues. Furthermore, when the Court orders a child custody evaluation, he knows which evaluators tend to favor Husbands or Wives and which can be counted on to be fair and impartial.

If you need a restraining order or you have been served with one, Jay will be able to make sure that the Court considers all the facts by properly preparing witnesses and evidence and presenting it to the Court in a logical, lawyer-like fashion.

Jay prides himself on close communication with his clients by taking all client telephone calls or returning them the same day, even if he is in trial and must call back in the evening. He is available on weekends and evenings when necessary. 

Jay is President of the Malibu Bar Associate, has appeared on the news many times and has been published over 20 times in Law Reviews, etc.  



I did not know the experience Jay had and I did not know that he has won almost every case. He is just so wonderful and did the best job in my child support case. I was in big trouble with my kid, but then I let Jay handle everything and he did it the right way. Hooray Jay.

I appreciate the hard work Jay Devitt did. It is just a gift for me and a pleasure to have hired you as my attorneys. As a client I am really satisfied with the results. How else can I thank Jay?

I came to Jay Devitt Law Firm and Mr. Devitt made me feel so welcomed. He really cared for my case and me. He is really down to earth and I felt as if I was talking to a friend.  Jay, did not judge me or make me feel like a bad person.



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